About Me

I have experience in early stage financing, life science marketing and R&D project management. My core focus is building life science businesses with the potential to disrupt markets. However, I am also engaged in projects outside life sciences. Those are usually particular products that I would love to use myself, if they existed. Which in return makes me quite passionate about them.


What I’m like

I’m determined to reach my goals. I rarely ever accept no for an answer. Especially, if I’m passionate about a project. I’m not a big fan of 9-5, it just doesn’t work for me. The most productive times of my day are simply not during the opening hours of my bank’s local branch around the corner. Plus, I love the flexibility to structure my day any way I like, because it allows me to run multiple projects at a time. This in return has led to people around me saying that I work an awful lot. However, to me more than 95% of what I do does not feel like work, at all. Yes, I’m serious! I find joy in the projects I work on. And I love it when the sweat, tears and brainpower you put in finally lead to a visible outcome. Who doesn’t! Lastly, I much prefer working in small teams in oppose to working all by myself. The feeling when everybody brings in their best skills to achieve something great together. Good stuff, right?

Apart from business, the three things I love most are probably music, sports and traveling. Plus, I can get quite agitated when it comes to discussing politics, but that’s a whole different story.


What Brings Me Here

At Technical University of Darmstadt, I studied Biology and Business. My final thesis focused on success factors of early stage financing of biotech start-ups through large pharmaceutical corporations, so called corporate venture capital. Today, I work for a small biotechnology company. This has helped me acquire a broad set of entrepreneurial skills. If you’re interested in knowing more about my day job, have a look here.

In addition, I have experience from working for a global investment bank and a small media company, but also from trying to build an own web start-up in 2013. If you’re interested in knowing why the web start-up didn’t work out as planned, have a look here.

Currently, I am in the process of founding a chemical company with a team of incredibly talented chemists. I will soon talk about that project in more detail.

Passion Projects

What I do outside my day job


I work on various projects aiming to build successful businesses and to create awesome products.


I have written and continue to write scientific publications and biotech-related magazine articles.


I intend to soon blog about some of my ideas. And about books, videos and concepts I like.