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In my spare time, I write biotechnology-related magazine articles and case studies for GoingPublic Media, a media company headquartered in Munich. In addition, I occasionally get the chance to contribute to scientific publications. While the latter challenges me on an intellectual level, writing articles and case studies enables me to interview C-level executives of biotech companies. This is not only great from a networking standpoint, but also because it broadens my horizon and opens up new perspectives. And while it may not necessarily be my top priority to write biotech articles, it has helped me to gain a deep understanding of how media companies work. Here’s a list of selected publications which are not commissioned articles:

  • Currently in review is a book chapter for the book: Liquid Biofuels – Emergence, Development and Prospects by Springer Verlag
  • Enzymes on display: cellulose enzymes anchored on the surface of bacterial cells may be a game charger for the second generation biofuels industry, Chemistry and Industry 78/3: 36-39
  • Modelling production cost scenarios for biofuels and fossil fuels in Europe, Journal of Cleaner Production 66: 242-253
  • Getting access to new technologies – How chemical synthesis outsourcing can tweak the process of drug discovery, Chemistry Today 31/1: 16-18
  • Berechtigtes Selbstbewusstsein in der Biotechindustrie, GoingPublic Magazin – Sonderausgabe Biotechnologie 2013
  • Full Speed Ahead, Second generation biofuels on the verge of commercialization, GoingPublic Magazin – Special Industrial Biotechnology 2013
  • Corporate Venture Capital in der Biotech Branche, GoingPublic Magazin – Sonderausgabe Biotechnologie 2012


In 2012, I wrote my final thesis about “Success Factors Of Corporate Venture Capital In The Pharmaceutical Industry”. For the story behind my thesis and why everything I do today is at one way or another linked to that piece of work, please check out this site here.

A note to media companies: Currently, I don’t have any time slots available to write commissioned articles.


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Chemistry & Industry (2014)


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Journal of Cleaner Production (2014)