My Day Job

My Day Job

My Current Job

Acquiring Entrepreneurial Skills

I work for a small biotechnology company called Autodisplay Biotech GmbH. The company is located in Düsseldorf, one of Germany’s most beautiful cities. Autodisplay is a fairly young company and you wouldn’t be wrong, if you called us a start-up company. What we do? We commercialize an expression platform for the display of heterologous proteins and peptides on the surface of gram negative bacteria. I know. It sounds incredibly nerdy. But trust me, it’s actually not that difficult to understand.

But let’s rather get to my role at Autodisplay Biotech. Please note that I’m not a big fan of job titles. I personally believe job titles barely ever reflect somebody’s day-to-day responsibilities, so you’ll have to do without mine. And everybody company’s got their very own interpretation of job titles anyway, right? So what is it I do? I support the company founders and management in company matters that fit into these three categories: finance & legal, marketing and (recently) R&D project management.

I love the fact that I witness almost everything that happens in the company. I review legal documents, am part of discussions around company strategies, I represent the company at conferences and have started to manage an international R&D project which will be conducted by a consortium of six different organizations from Germany and Malaysia. In addition, my employer actively supports me in proposing and realizing own ideas that can potentially move the company forward. This wonderful package has allowed me to acquire a broad set of entrepreneurial skills. I’ve summarized my most important learnings in a series of brief “How To” statements below:


Finance / Legal
  • How to write a business plan.
  • How to identify, approach and attract equity investors.
  • How to structure a financing round as a founder.
  • How to avoid pitfalls during the negotiations.
  • How to apply for publicly funded R&D projects.
  • How to set up or review contracts (esp. non-disclosure agreements, material transfer agreements, licensing and collaboration / service agreements).
  • How to decide on a company’s core focus.
  • How to set the price of a company’s products and services.
  • How to market to scientists (in a B2B environment).
  • How to change the public face of a company.
  • How to stand out at scientific conferences.
  • How to design and implement an online marketing strategy.
R&D Projects
  • How to structure R&D projects and allocate resources.
  • How to avoid contractual pitfalls in collaborative R&D projects.
  • How to handle project partners from different countries (& cultures).
  • How to ensure informational flow between project partners.


Speaker Engagements at Conferences

My job also requires me to represent Autodisplay Biotech at biotech conferences worldwide. This does not only enable me to travel to all kinds of interesting places and meet all sorts of interesting people, but also quite regularly puts me in front of an audience. Here are some selected examples of where I have had the privilege to “entertain” scientists:

  • F.O. Light 6th Annual Next Generation Biofuels (Copenhagen, Denmark):
    Advanced Enzyme Technologies for the Production of Biofuels and Bio-Based Chemicals
  • Next Generation BioEnergies & BioChemicals (Frankfurt/Main):
    Bacterial Surface Display – A Way Around the Expensive Production of Cellulases
  • CLIB2021 – Biokatalyse Marktanforderungen & Entwicklungen (Düsseldorf): Challenging Enzymes
  • Biofuels International Conference (Antwerp, Belgium):
    Second Generation Biofuel Production – A Closer Look at Cellulases
  • European Forum of Industrial Biotech (Brussels, Belgium):
    Second Generation Biofuel Production – A Closer Look at Cellulases
  • BioMalaysia & Bioeconomy Asia Pacific (Johor Bahru, Malaysia):
    Enzymes for Advanced Biofuels and Bio-Based Chemicals
  • CLIB Industrial Conference (Düsseldorf):
    Utilizing Waste From Palm Oil Production

Other Activities


I work on various projects aiming to build successful businesses and to create awesome products.


I have written and continue to write scientific publications and biotech-related magazine articles.


I intend to soon blog about some of my ideas. And about books, videos and concepts I like.





Martin Bellof
Martin Bellof

Photos by Nathalie Zimmermann


My Previous Jobs

Further Experiences

Macquarie Group (Frankfurt/Main)

Project-related company, market, competition, customer, data analyses as well as building corresponding presentations for the Macquarie Capital Advisors team that lead the intended acquisition of a 66.2% stake of Immobilienscout24 GmbH from Aareal Bank. Also additional market research on online entertainment industry and translation services for the project team when required.

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Macquarie Group (Sydney, Australia)

Company, competition, customer, data analyses as well as building corresponding presentations for the Macquarie Capital Advisors, TMET (Telecommunication, Media, Entertainment, Technology) team. Also intensive market research across various industries such as online and offline entertainment, outdoor advertising, online classifieds amongst others.

Macquarie Logo

GoingPublic Media AG (Munich)

On behalf of Invest in Bavaria, the Business Promotion Agency of the State of Bavaria, project management for “Healthcare in Bavaria”, a bilingual information brochure about the biotechnology and medical technology industries in Bavaria. Also, editorial work for the special issue “Biotechnologie 2012” of GoingPublic magazine as well as other magazines.

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