B2C healthcare business

In summer 2016, I co-founded a company called pillbox (now pillboxgo). The company aims at delivering a better, simpler experience for people managing multiple medications. This is the story about how all of that came together.


In April 2016, I attended the third startup weekend event of its kind in Düsseldorf. I was expecting this event to play out exactly the way the two events before had. I’d be meeting a lot of people who in some form or another are attracted to the idea of founding a startup company of their own. We’d be working through the weekend to validate business ideas and finally present our findings in front of a jury. And who knew, maybe we’d even win a price.

But then we’d all go home to do the things we do in our day to day lives. If anyone had told me that about three months later, I would be co-founding a company with a team of people whom I met on that weekend, I would’ve certainly told that person to not get their hopes up. Little did I know that this weekend would set me up for a hell of a ride – physically, emotionally and also from a learning perspective.


I will tell you more about this venture of mine in a little while.
I’m currently busy playing piano and guitar. ;-)